Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zaddison & the Mysterious Dark

I think I'm going to make a slight plot change. Instead of the story being about helping her mom clean, it will be more about Zads exploring different dark places around her house and finding out that there isn't anything to be scared of in the dark.

The first place will still be under the stairs and I think the second place will be the attic and then under her bed in her room.

In each place she'll find different creatures who have different reasons for why they're there in the dark.

This is my first go at what the page will look like when she's about to explore under the stairs. Below my picture are the pictures I used for reference so that I could get the perspective right on the stairs.

I forgot to put Zaddison in before I inked the banister so I drew her real quick with pencil just to get an idea of where she'll go. I'm pretty sure I'll have to draw the page several times before getting it right anyway.

On the wall by the stairs I want to add some old paintings with cool frames. I'll do some sketches of those soon.

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Jennifer said...

I love the plot for the story. All kids seem to be afraid of something, the dark, ghosts or whatever else they conjure up. I really like the post by the stairs with the eye-- great little touch. I am so excited to watch this develop. Love you! Mom