Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing Zaddison

I decided I want the stories to be about a little monster named Zaddison and all her adventures. These are a few of the first sketches I made when I was brainstorming what she might look like.

Jon said he pictured her having a gumdrop shaped body, but when I gave that a go I just came up with that creepy little kid on the top right. I liked the top left one the most so I'll run with that one and see where it goes.

Also, I have to say that scanning these pictures in gave me a lot more respect for Jon and everything he does to make our webcomic. I thought I could just draw something, scan it, save it as a jpeg and then put it up here. No no no. You have to do all these fancy adjustments to darken the lines so that they show up the right way and get rid of the shadows and paper texture that also gets scanned.

So I have to give him a big thank you for showing me how to do things and for helping me with the Minted Mouse graphic. I drew the letters and the mouse but he did all the colors and the cool border. And that's why it pays to be married to an artist :D

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