Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Early Zaddison Sketches

These are the next phase of sketches I did of Zaddison to get more familiar with drawing her. I decided want her to have high piggy tails and pointy little fingers that make me think of frog hands.

P.S. Today is my birthday! 24 was a great year for me, me and Jon had just moved to Austin, I found a great job, I made the website for NPW and we've had so much fun doing the webcomic together (we're almost wrapping up the 2nd issue already!), and even more exciting, I became an aunt!

I think 25 will be even better, especially since now I have a new little dream, I hope to have my first book finished by the time I turn 26.

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Rosie said...

Hooray! Adds...err Zads and I love it!