Thursday, January 6, 2011

Opening the attic door

I was originally thinking that the story would start off with Zaddison hearing spooky sounds while she was going to sleep and then in the morning she'd have some kind of conversation with her mom after which she would decide to go find out what was making the sounds she heard in the dark.

But then I realized that exploring the dark is neither brave nor scary during the day. So the new plan is for her mom to tuck her in and say goodnight and then Zaddison will go exploring after each noise she hears, starting with the bats in the attic who are waking up and about to go out to their nightly feast.


ManjiSann said...

That plant looks hungry, better be sure to feed it ;)

Rosie said...

I LOVE the layout of this picture! It's so fun an whimsical that she stacked things up to reach the attic pull! I think you should make this pic into a onesie for Adds ;) it's soooo cute!