Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finished-ish Pages

These are the things I think I've decided:

1. The book will have a square layout.

2. I'll keep the illustrations in a sketchy style. I've been approaching drawing with an "I'm learning and will someday draw these pictures in an AMAZING way" attitude. But I think if I don't just get going with what I'm doing now then I'll pretty much never finish the book, especially not in time for Add's birthday.

3. I'll probably forgo doing any kind of watercoloring--mostly because I can't seem to get it to look right. I'm going to keep at trying to learn how to make watercolors do my bidding so hopefully in the next book I can do some more fancy-type illustrations.

Here are the 2 finished-ish pages that I have done. I'm not 100% sure what type of font to use. I like font the bottom page because it looks a bit more handwritten and might go a bit better with the sketchy-ness of the illustrations. But I also think it might come off a bit gimmicky?

Likewise I think the font on the top page might come off too formal?

I'd love to hear any votes about the fonts :)


Rosie said...

I can't wait to see the finished book and am so honored that Adds will get it for her bday :) As for the fonts I like the top one. It makes the book feel classic. In fact when I just looked at the pics and hadn't read what you wrote I thought to myself how much I liked the top font better than the handwrity font.

ManjiSann said...

Here's my two cents. The bottom one does feel more hand written, and I don't see it as gimmicky, but I think it is harder to read, and especially if it's a childrens book, I think ease of readability is crucial.

The top font does remind me very much of the Owl books we used to read as children.

If you can only choose between those two fonts, I'd go with the more formal one just to keep it clean and easily read, especially by young beginning readers.

Nicole Guerra said...

Well reasoned Pubby! Top one it is. That was my first instinct too so that works out quite nicely.

@Rose - I'm so excited to give this to Adds for her birthday, even though it's more a present to you since she's still such a small fry hehe